Chiptrackers are trackers oriented soundchip (8-bit sound).
Note : if you want to create chiptunes with digital trackers (using samples like here) go to Woolyss Tracking.

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Mod2PSG2 [windows]
Free Download >>> Mod2PSG2.zip
Mod2PSG2Full soundchip emulation : Sega Master System / Game Gear. Mod2PSG2 is a music tracker for the SN76489 soundchip.

Mod2PSG2 uses its own PSGMOD file format for loading and saving music modules. Various other file formats are supported for importing and exporting.

A programming library for playing back music and sound effects you create in Mod2PSG2 is included. It is written in Z80 assembler for SEGA Master System and Game Gear.
Import : VGM, VGZ, MID, MOD, BAS | Export : VGM, MID, EPSGMOD
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Ultrasyd

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