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The first home video computer game
(Magnavox Odyssey - 1973)
Sure, the best way to play old video games is to use original 'old school' console/computer or emulators. Check here for a full emulators list.

On this page, you can play directly games without emulator.

Click on a game to play. It opens directly in your browser. Press 'F11' on your web browser if you can, to expand window before to play. Games in Flash.

Few games take a few seconds to load, but it is worth it !

3D Tetris (1996)Air Attack (1996)Asteroids (1979)Barbarian (1987)Battlezone (1980)Bomb Jack (1984)Breakout (1976)Bubble Bobble (1986)Burger Time (1982)Centipede (1980)Defender (1980)Donkey Kong (1981)Duck Hunt (1984)Frogger (1981)Galaga (1981)Galaxian (1979)Joust (1982)Kaboom! (1981)Krypton Egg (1988)Kung-Fu Master (1984)Lemmings (1991)Lunar Lander (1979)Mario 2Mario Bros (1983)Mario ForeverMega Man (or Rockman) (1987)Moon Patrol (1982)PacMan (1979)Pang (or Buster Bros) (1989)Pong (1972)Ponpoko (1982)Prince Of Persia (1989)Puzzle Bobble (1994)QBert (1982)Qix (1981)Raiden (1990)Rick Dangerous (1989)Scramble (1981)Simon (1978)Snake (1977)Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)Space Invaders (1978)Spy Hunter (1983)Star Castle (1980)Street Fighters II (1991)Super Mario Bros (1985)Super Mario World (1991)Tetris (1985)The Great Giana Sisters (1987)The Legend Of Zelda (1985)Time Pilot (1982)Tron (1982)Wizard Of Wor (1980)Xevious (1982)

...Total : 54

Just for fun !

When movies and series meet retro games ! Made by Penney Design.

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