Chiptrackers are trackers oriented soundchip (8-bit sound).
Note : if you want to create chiptunes with digital trackers (using samples like here) go to Woolyss Tracking.

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1tracker [windows]
Free Download >>> 1tracker.zip
1trackerAn experimental multisystem tracker. Features a highly configurable design based on the Game Music Emu library and a scripting language, allowing to easily adding music 'engines' for many retro systems. Current release includes 17 beeper music engines for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K, serving as an alternative to Beepola.
Import : 1TM | Export : AY, TAP, SCL
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Irrlicht project

Arkos Tracker [windows]
Free Download >>> Arkos_Tracker.zip
Arkos TrackerArkos Tracker is a freeware Windows-based tracker to compose music for the AY3-8912, a soundchip used in the Amstrad CPC, but also on MSX, Spectrum, Atari ST and many other computers in the 1980s. Arkos Tracker is born from the native CPC tracker called STarKos.
Import : AKS, SKS | Export : AKS, YM, WAV, BIN
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Ultrasyd

Beepola [windows]
Free Download >>> Beepola.zip
BeepolaBeepola is tracker-style music editor for Windows, capable of compiling songs into a form suitable for playback on Sinclair ZX Spectrum and compatible computers. It aims to offer the ability to produce Spectrum music in a modern computing environment, with all of the advantages this entails. 1-bit music.
Import : BBSONG | Export : BBSONG, WAV

[mp3] audio demo by Mister Beep (tune recorded with 2 Beepola on a real hardware)

BoyScout [windows]
Free Download >>> BoyScout.zip
BoyScoutFull soundchip emulation : Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA)
Import : BSF | Export : BSF, BGF, WAV
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Unknown

DefleMask [windows/mac/linux]
Free Download >>> DefleMask.zip
DefleMaskDefleMask is a free Cross-Platform tracker for producing music for many soundchips and old school systems. It is capable of make music for specific systems and soundchips. Supported soundchips so far: YAMAHA YM2612, Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG, Z80 Game Boy, Hudson Soft HuC6280, Ricoh 2A03, MOS Technology SID, YAMAHA YM2151, SEGA PCM
Import : DMF | Export : DMF, ROM, VGM, WAV
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by 5alazar

FamiTracker [windows]
Free Download >>> FamiTracker.zip
FamiTrackerFull soundchip emulation : Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, Famicom).
Import : FTM | Export : FTM, NSF, NES, BIN, PRG, WAV, MID
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Kreese

GoatTracker [windows/ms-dos/mac/linux/amiga]
Free Download >>> GoatTracker.zip
GoatTrackerFull soundchip emulation : Commodore 64 (C64). It emulates the SID (MOS Technology 6581) soundchip. This is a crossplatform C64 music editor. Supports output via Dag Lem's reSID engine, HardSID 4U USB device and HardSID soundcards or CatWeasel MK3/MK4.
Import : SNG | Export : SNG, SID, BIN, PRG
MIDI support : yes, only on Mac OSX version

[mp3] audio demo by prag.Modul

klystrack [windows/linux]
Free Download >>> klystrack.zip
klystrackklystrack is a little chiptune composing tool. It is comparable to AHX on the Amiga. The synth and player routines are designed for creating 8-bit style music. In development !
Import : KT, AHX, MOD | Export : KT, WAV
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Kometbomb (Original composed by Tommy/DCS)

MilkyTracker [windows/mac/linux/amiga]
Free Download >>> MilkyTracker.zip
MilkyTrackerMilkyTracker is an open source and multi-platform digital tracker. Many Linux distributions (Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Suze, Ubuntu...) too ! An easy way to create chip sounds. Import a sample or draw a sound directly in the sample editor and play it. Watch this tuto-video ! YouTube (mirror).
Import : IT, MOD, S3M, XM, OKT, 669, AMF, AMS... | Export : MOD, XM, WAV
MIDI support : input devices on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux versions

[mp3] audio demo by J. Arthur Keenes

Mod2PSG2 [windows]
Free Download >>> Mod2PSG2.zip
Mod2PSG2Full soundchip emulation : Sega Master System / Game Gear. Mod2PSG2 is a music tracker for the SN76489 soundchip.

Mod2PSG2 uses its own PSGMOD file format for loading and saving music modules. Various other file formats are supported for importing and exporting.

A programming library for playing back music and sound effects you create in Mod2PSG2 is included. It is written in Z80 assembler for SEGA Master System and Game Gear.
Import : VGM, VGZ, MID, MOD, BAS | Export : VGM, MID, EPSGMOD
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Ultrasyd

Musetracker [windows]
Free Download >>> Musetracker.zip
MusetrackerMusetracker (formerly called Pornotracker) is an NES music tracker that I originally created about 4 years ago to be used in the NES demo "High Hopes". Back then FamiTracker was too resource hungry to be used in a demo and NerdTracker II, IMO, was too limited. I was supposed to release it right after Assembly 2007 but somehow that didn't happen due to feature creep and some other things. I have a added a lot of features since then, like raw PCM sample support and better editing options. Pornotracker is the only NES tracker supporting raw PCM samples (7-bit with 7.8 kHz sampling rate). Because of this it's not possible to export to NSF at this time. Exporting to an iNES ROM file is possible though, and I hope at some point we can get an iNES ROM based NES music format off the ground.
Import : POM | Export : POM, NSF
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by the official website

Nerdtracker 2 (NT2) [ms-dos/windows]
Free Download >>> Nerdtracker_2_(NT2).zip
Nerdtracker 2 (NT2)Nerdtracker II (or NT2 for short) is a MS-DOS based music creation program by Michel Iwaniec (Bananmos), designed exclusively to create 2A03 PSG tunes (aka Nintendo NES/Famicom music).
MIDI support : no

NesTracker [windows]
Free Download >>> NesTracker.zip
NesTrackerFull soundchip emulation : Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, Famicom).
Import : NEST | Export : NEST, NSF, WAV
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Ian Stocker

RASTER Music Tracker (RMT) [windows]
Free Download >>> RASTER_Music_Tracker_(RMT).zip
RASTER Music Tracker (RMT)Full soundchip emulation : Atari XL / XE.
Import : RMT, MOD, TMC | Export : RMT, SAP, XEX, ASM
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Pinball Wizzard

SNES Game Sound System [windows]
Free Download >>> SNES_Game_Sound_System.zip
SNES Game Sound SystemComplete solution for making music and sound effects for SNES homebrew games. Includes a cross-tracker, SPC driver, interface code.
Import : GSM, XM, MIDI, FTM | Export : SPC
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by SwordlessWarrior

SunVox [windows/mac/linux/iphone/ipad]
Free Download >>> SunVox.zip
SunVoxSunVox is a small, fast and powerful music sequencer with modular synthesizers. Available for desktop PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), pocket computers (Windows Mobile, PalmOS, iPhone, iPad) and netbooks.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : SUNVOX, MOD, XM | Export : SUNVOX, WAV
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Alex Zolotov (aka NightRadio)

Synder [windows]
Free Download >>> Synder.zip
SynderFull soundchip emulation : Commodore 64 (C64). It emulates the SID (MOS Technology 6581) soundchip.
Import : SNG | Export : SNG, WAV
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Daniel Illgen

TFM Music Maker [windows]
Free Download >>> TFM_Music_Maker.zip
TFM Music MakerFull soundchip emulation : Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sega MegaDrive/Genesis...
Import : TFE, MOD | Convert : TFD > TFM, TFD ... | Export : TFE, WAV
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Boomlinde

Vortex Tracker [windows]
Free Download >>> Vortex_Tracker.zip
Vortex TrackerFull soundchip emulation : Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Atari ST.
Import : VTX, AY, AYL, YM, ASC, STC, PT1, PT2... | Export : VTX, AY, PT3, SNDH, SCL, TAP
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by MmcM

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