Chiptrackers are trackers oriented soundchip (8-bit sound).
Note : if you want to create chiptunes with digital trackers (using samples like here) go to Woolyss Tracking.

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Arkos Tracker [windows]
Free Download >>> Arkos_Tracker.zip
Arkos TrackerArkos Tracker is a freeware Windows-based tracker to compose music for the AY3-8912, a soundchip used in the Amstrad CPC, but also on MSX, Spectrum, Atari ST and many other computers in the 1980s. Arkos Tracker is born from the native CPC tracker called STarKos.
Import : AKS, SKS | Export : AKS, YM, WAV, BIN
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Ultrasyd

STarKos [amstrad]
Free Download >>> STarKos.zip
STarKosA popular native chiptracker for Amstrad CPC. It uses the AY-3-8910, a 3-voice Programmable Sound Generator (PSG).
Import : SKS | Export : SKS
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Ultrasyd

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