Digital trackers

Digital trackers are trackers using samples and sometimes soundfonts, audio plugins (VST, AU or RTAS), MIDI...
Note : if you want to create chiptunes (8-bit sound) using no sample, go to Woolyss Chipmusic.

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Aldrin [linux]
Free Download >>> Aldrin.zip
AldrinAldrin is an open source modular music sequencer/tracker for the GNU/Linux operating system. It features a flexible audio routing system commonly found in expensive audio software, enabling you to mix, split, mutilate and modify audio signals emitted by software synthesizers and samples.

[mp3] audio demo by Robert Brendan (aka Blurry)

Aodix [windows]
Free Download >>> Aodix.zip
AodixAodix is a modular tracker. 256 track multi-pattern sequencer. Virtually unlimited pattern length, intended for pattern call operation. Automation matrix. ASIO output achieving low driver latencies (1 ms).
Audio plugin support : VST, VSTi
Import : ADX | Export : ADX
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Axewizard (Original composed by Nick Jones)

Audio Sculpture [atari]
Free Download >>> Audio_Sculpture.zip
Audio SculptureAudio Sculpture is the most advanced tracker for Atari ST, STe and TT computers. It was released as a commercial product in 1990. 4 channel DMA sound. Features 50 kHz playback. Support of all sampling/replay cartridges. Good speech synth engine and paper music display.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : TCB, MOD | Export : MOD
MIDI support : yes

Beast [linux]
Free Download >>> Beast.zip
BeastBeast is a powerful music composition and modular synthesis application released as free software under the GNU GPL and GNU LGPL, that runs under unix.
Audio plugin support : LADSPA modules
MIDI support : yes

BeRoTracker [windows]
Free Download >>> BeRoTracker.zip
BeRoTrackerBeRoTracker is a modular tracker. Illimited channel number. Drum Patterns. Cutoff, Resonance, LFO instrument envelopes. Resampling support. Piano-roll editor.
Audio plugin support : native (BTP, BTPi), VST, VSTi
Import : BRT, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MT2, IMF, 669... | Export : BRT, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, WAV, MID
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Benjamin Rosseaux (aka BeRo)

Buzz [windows]
Free Download >>> Buzz.zip
BuzzJeskola Buzz is a modular software music studio environment centered around a modular plugin-based machine view and a multiple pattern sequencer tracker.
Audio plugin support : native (DLL), VST, VSTi, DXi
Import : BMX, BMW | Export : BMX, BMW
MIDI support : yes

CheeseTracker [linux]
Free Download >>> CheeseTracker.zip
CheeseTrackerCheeseTracker is a software sampler and step-based sequencer. It allows a musician to turn single-note samples into instruments capable of covering three or four octaves (by playing the samples at different speeds, resulting in different pitches). In addition, it is possible to take a collection of samples that are recorded at different octaves, and combine them into a single "instrument", allowing for even more octaves without sampling artifacts.
Import : CT, IT, XM, S3M | Export : CT, IT, WAV

ChibiTracker [windows/linux]
Free Download >>> ChibiTracker.zip
ChibiTrackerChibiTracker is a portable IT (Impulse Tracker) clone. It is not a 100% clone though, as it adds more features, such as chorus and reverb, stereo samples, an advanced sample editor and more. The user interface also presents some changes, as it can be custom themed and resized.
Import : MOD, IT, XM, S3M | Export : MOD, IT, XM, WAV
MIDI support : no

DigiBooster Pro [amiga]
Commercial Download >>> DigiBooster_Pro.zip
DigiBooster ProDigiBooster Pro (DBPro) was a quite popular tracker for the Amiga in the 90s. Stuck at version 2 something, APC and TCP, a german publisher of Amiga software, is working to deliver an update to this powerful tracker. The archive contains Digibooster 1.7 full and free version (8 channel tracker with many options).
Import : DIGI, MOD, XM, S3M, OKT, MMD0, MMD1,... | Export : DIGI
MIDI support : no

DreamStation 1 [windows]
Free Download >>> DreamStation_1.zip
DreamStation 1DreamStation 1 is a free standalone synth workstation which consists of an analog synthesizer module, a 32 tracks step-time sequencer, dual stereo FX processor and an eight channels stereo mixer. Also, DreamStation 2 is a shareware. It is more complex and has got a tracker too.
Audio plugin support : native
Import : DSS | Export : DSS
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by the official website

Fasttracker 2 (FT2) [ms-dos]
Free Download >>> Fasttracker_2_(FT2).zip
Fasttracker 2 (FT2)A popular tracker released in 1994 by the demogroup Triton. Support for the Gravis Ultrasound and SoundBlaster sound cards.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : MOD, XM | Export : XM, WAV
MIDI support : yes, for SB16 (SoundBlaster card)

Frinika [windows/mac/linux]
Free Download >>> Frinika.zip
FrinikaFrinika is a free, complete music workstation software for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX Tiger and other operating systems running Java 1.5 (J2SE5.0). It features sequencer, soft-synths, realtime effects and audio recording.

Impulse Tracker [ms-dos]
Free Download >>> Impulse_Tracker.zip
Impulse TrackerA popular audio tracker on MS-DOS. Maximum of 256 internal channels.
Import : IT, MOD, MTM, S3M, XM, 669, PTM, FAR | Export : IT, S3M
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Jeffrey Lim

LittleGPTracker (The piggy, LGPT) [windows/mac/linux/gp2x/psp]
Free Download >>> LittleGPTracker_(The_piggy,_LGPT).zip,+LGPT)
LittleGPTracker (The piggy, LGPT)It implements the user interface of Little Sound Dj (LSDj) and supports 8 monophonic 16Bit/44.1Khz stereo sample playback channels.
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Salkin

MadTracker [windows]
Free Download >>> MadTracker.zip
MadTrackerMadTracker provides a clean and intuitive interface for a powerful and efficient approach to making music. Versatility and compatibility are guaranteed due to full VST plugins, ASIO and ReWire support, while its computer charge is minimal.
Audio plugin support : VST
Import : MT2, IT, XM, S3M, MOD, UMX | Export : MT2, XM, MOD, MIDI, WAV, OGG
MIDI support : yes

MED Soundstudio (OctaMED) [amiga/windows]
Commercial Download >>> MED_Soundstudio_(OctaMED).zip
MED Soundstudio (OctaMED)A popular audio tracker released in 1991 for Amiga : OctaMED. On Windows, this tracker was renamed as MED Soundstudio. The ZIP archive contains free and old OctaMED versions for Amiga.
Import : MED | Export : MED
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Legowelt

MilkyTracker [windows/mac/linux/amiga]
Free Download >>> MilkyTracker.zip
MilkyTrackerMilkyTracker is an open source, multi-platform music application for creating .MOD and .XM module files. It attempts to recreate the module replay and user experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker 2, with special playback modes available for improved Amiga Protracker 2/3 compatibility.
Import : MOD, XM | Export : MOD, XM, WAV
MIDI support : yes

NitroTracker [ds]
Free Download >>> NitroTracker.zip
NitroTrackerNitroTracker is a Fasttracker 2 style tracker for the Nintendo DS. 16 hardware channels. Composing with the stylus using an on-screen keyboard.
Import : XM | Export : XM
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Atomtwist

NoiseTracker [amiga/atari]
Free Download >>> NoiseTracker.zip
NoiseTrackerThe final version of Noisetracker, which many considered to be the most important tracker developed since the ultimate soundtracker (until Protracker came along).
Import : MOD | Export : MOD
MIDI support : no

Oktalyzer [amiga]
Free Download >>> Oktalyzer.zip
OktalyzerOktalyzer was a commercial product in 1990s. It was able to do software mixing of audio channels. For each of the four audio channels available on the Amiga, you could choose to have normal playback or two downmixed virtual channels, at the expense of reduced audio quality. This way it was possible to play up to eight channels in total, but the decreased audio quality and required processing power made software mixing unusable in most cases.
Import : OKT | Export : OKT
MIDI support : no

OpenMPT (Open Modplug Tracker) [windows]
OpenMPT (Open Modplug Tracker)This is the home of OpenMPT (short for Open ModPlug Tracker), a popular tracker software for Windows. Based on the original ModPlug Tracker written by Olivier Lapicque, OpenMPT supports a wide variety of module formats and offers an intuitive, native GUI as well as advanced features such as VST plugins and ASIO output.
Audio plugin support : VST
Import : MOD, IT, ITP, MPTM, XM, S3M, WAV, MI... | Export : MOD, IT, XM, S3M, MID, WAV
MIDI support : yes

PlayerPro [mac]
Free Download >>> PlayerPro.zip
PlayerProPlayerPro is a music composer and sound editor for MOD, S3M, XM, IT, UMX. Uses XI, Quicktime or SoundFonts. Currently runs on MacOS and OSX ; playback engines also available for Windows and BeOS. Upcoming version 6 will support ALSA (Linux).
Audio plugin support : native, VST
Import : MAD, MADK, 669, MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MI... | Export : MAD, MADK

Protracker [amiga/atari/msx]
Free Download >>> Protracker.zip
ProtrackerProtracker is a popular freeware tracker created by Lars Hamre, Anders Hamre, Sven Vahsen and Rune Johnsrud for the Amiga platform. It is amongst the programs that first allowed for widespread creation of music without studio equipment. It was popular for amateurs and professionals alike, and ProTracker amongst others set a standard for the MOD fileformat.
Import : MOD | Export : MOD
MIDI support : no

ProTrekkr [windows/mac/linux/amiga]
Free Download >>> ProTrekkr.zip
ProTrekkrProTrekkr (formerly known as NoiseTrekker by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius aka Arguru) is a tracker program combining a software synthesizer together with a traditional samples tracker which can be used to create electronic music (like psytrance, trance goa, hard acid, IDM, chip, techno, etc.) for small sized intros, demos or games. The tracker is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Amiga OS4 and AROS.
Import : PTK, MOD, FT | Export : PTK
MIDI support : yes

Psycle [windows, linux]
Free Download >>> Psycle.zip
PsyclePsycle is a tracker combined with plugin modularity. It supports its own plugin API, the VST2 plugin standard, and a tracker style sampler playback. qpsycle is the Linux version
Audio plugin support : VST (LADSPA for Linux version)
Import : PSY, MOD, S3M, XM, IT | Export : PSY, WAV
MIDI support : yes

Renoise [windows/mac/linux]
RenoiseProbably the most advanced tracker today ! It has an integrated sampler and high quality mixer. ASIO multi I/O cards support (for very low latency) with the ability to route tracks to hardware channels. Support of Rewire mode.
Audio plugin support : native (DLL), VST, VSTi, AU, RTAS, LADSPA
Import : XRNS, RNS, PTK, NTK, XM, IT, MOD, MI... | Export : XRNS, WAV
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Kristian Linna

reViSiT [windows, VST]
INST, Commercial
reViSiTreViSiT is a Windows VSTi plugin. This tracker needs VST host sequencer to work. It receives synchronization information directly from the host.

Sample-Tracker 2 [zx]
Free Download >>> Sample-Tracker_2.zip
Sample-Tracker 2A native digital audio tracker for Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Yerzmyey

Schism Tracker [windows/mac/linux/freeBSD/wii/amiga/beOS]
Free Download >>> Schism_Tracker.zip
Schism TrackerSchism Tracker has been successfully built for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD, AmigaOS, BeOS, and even the Nintendo Wii. Most development is done on x86 (ia32, amd64/ia32e) and ppc (both the ppc32 and ppc64 flavors). Schism will most likely build on any architecture supported by GCC4 (e.g. alpha, m68k, arm, etc.) but it will probably not be as well-optimized on many systems.
Import : IT, MID | Export : IT
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Delt

Scream Tracker [ms-dos]
Free Download >>> Scream_Tracker.zip
Scream TrackerA popular tracker in the 1990s. It has 32 channels. It can also handle up to nine FM-synthesis channels on sound cards using the popular OPL2/3/4 chipsets, and, unusually, can play digital and FM instruments at the same time.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : S3M | Export : S3M
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Cerror (original module composed by Noboyuki and Kodaka)

Skale Tracker [ms-dos/windows]
Free Download >>> Skale_Tracker.zip
Skale TrackerCompletely based on Fast Tracker 2 environment. 256 virtual channels. Old MS-DOS full screen mode or WINDOWS mode.
Audio plugin support : native, VST, VSTi
Import : SKM, MOD, XM | Export : SKM, MOD, XM, WAV
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Victor Vergara Lujan (aka Awesome)

SoundTracker [linux/mac/freeBSD]
Free Download >>> SoundTracker.zip
SoundTrackerAn open-source tracker available in many languages (EN, DE, ES, FR, RU...). It works on Linux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenBSD, NetBSD, SunOS, IRIX, FreeBSD, Red Hat, CentOS, Mac OSX (Darwin).
Audio plugin support : no
Import : MOD, XM | Export : MOD, XM
MIDI support : yes

SunVox [windows/mac/linux/iphone/ipad/android]
Free Download >>> SunVox.zip
SunVoxSunVox is a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker). It is a tool for those people who like to compose music wherever they are, whenever they wish. On any device. SunVox is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Maemo, Meego, Raspberry Pi, Windows Mobile (WindowsCE), PalmOS, iOS and Android.
Import : SUNVOX, MOD, XM | Export : SUNVOX, WAV
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by Alex Zolotov (aka NightRadio)

SVArTracker [windows]
Free Download >>> SVArTracker.zip
SVArTrackerSVArTracker is a modular tracker. It provided as freeware for private (non-commercial) or educational (including non-profit organizations) use.
Audio plugin support : native, VST, VSTi, DirectX DMO
Import : SVAR, IT, XM, S3M, MOD, MID, RMI, AM... | Export : SVAR, MID, WAV
MIDI support : yes

[mp3] audio demo by SVAr

TCB Tracker [atari]
Free Download >>> TCB_Tracker.zip
TCB TrackerA popular tracker. TCB Tracker was a commercial product in 1990s.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : TCB | Export : TCB
MIDI support : yes

The Ultimate Soundtracker [amiga]
Free Download >>> The_Ultimate_Soundtracker.zip
The Ultimate SoundtrackerThe Ultimate SoundTracker (or Soundtracker) created by Karsten Obarski was released as a commercial product in mid 1987. After few months, the source-code was released to the public domain where it was hacked, debugged and spread across the burgeoning Amiga underground. Historically, it is the first tracker.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : STK | Export : STK
MIDI support : no

[mp3] audio demo by Karsten Obarski (The first module of tracking's history !)

Tutka [linux]
Free Download >>> Tutka.zip
TutkaTutka is a free tracker style MIDI sequencer for GNU/Linux. No support of samples. It is meant for MIDI use only. It uses a custom XML based file format for storing songs.
Audio plugin support : no
Import : MMD | Export : MMD, SMF
MIDI support : yes

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