Standalone 8-bit sound generators

Standalone softwares to create old-school electronical sounds, noises, effects and 8-bit sounds. For info, the freewares Audacity and MilkyTracker can generate 8-bit sounds easily, too ! Good for retro games !

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FlexiMusic Generator [windows]
FlexiMusic GeneratorFlexiMusic Generator is a unique tool to generate musical and non-musical sounds. If you want to create unique pieces of music and exciting new sounds never before heard on this planet, then you'll love the FlexiMusic Generator.

Sound Effects Generator [windows]
Sound Effects GeneratorSound Effects Generator is an easy to use utility to create Windows .WAV sound effects files. You create a sound by simply setting amplitude and frequency points, selecting a waveform and setting optional echo and distortion levels. Your sound effects file can be between 20ms and 10s long. You can set an unlimited number of amplitude and frequency points and the frequencies can vary between 10Hz and 4.8KHz. There are 18 waveforms to choose from (such as a sine wave, saw tooth, square wave etc...) and the sound quality can be 11,025Hz, 22,050Hz or 44,100Hz.

[mp3] audio demo by the official website

Tone Generator [windows/mac]
Tone GeneratorTone Generator is a sine wave generator, frequency generator and signal generator that lets you create audio test tones, sweeps or noise waveforms using your computer or a PDA handheld.

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