Digital trackers

Digital trackers are trackers using samples and sometimes soundfonts, audio plugins (VST, AU or RTAS), MIDI...
Note : if you want to create chiptunes (8-bit sound) using no sample, go to Woolyss Chipmusic.

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OpenMPT (Open Modplug Tracker) [windows]
OpenMPT (Open Modplug Tracker)This is the home of OpenMPT (short for Open ModPlug Tracker), a popular tracker software for Windows. Based on the original ModPlug Tracker written by Olivier Lapicque, OpenMPT supports a wide variety of module formats and offers an intuitive, native GUI as well as advanced features such as VST plugins and ASIO output.
Audio plugin support : VST
Import : MOD, IT, ITP, MPTM, XM, S3M, WAV, MI... | Export : MOD, IT, XM, S3M, MID, WAV
MIDI support : yes

Total : 1

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