Plugins (VST, AU, RTAS) for 8-bit sound

To use these virtual 8-bit sound synthesizers and effects, you need a plugin host like FL Studio, Renoise or others... For info, SAVIhost is a good free standalone VST plugin host for Windows. Perfect to test VST plugins !

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FMDrive [windows, VST] by Aly James Lab
INST, Commercial
FMDriveFMDRIVE is a VST synth that not only emulate the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive FM sound chip YM2612 but also add a lot of extra features.

[mp3] audio demo by Aly James Lab

ProtoPSG [windows, VST] by g200kg
INST, Free Download >>> ProtoPSG.zip
ProtoPSGSega Megadrive/Genesis soundchip emulation. It emulates the PSG soundchip of Sega Megadrive/Genesis. 8 voices polyphonic PSG. 2 OSCs and 1 NoiseGenerator. 1 Envelope Generator.

[mp3] audio demo by g200kg

INST, Free Download >>> SN-EMU.zip
SN-EMUSega (SG-series, Master System, Game Gear, MegaDrive/Genesis) machines soundchip emulation. It emulates the Texas Instruments SN76489 soundchip.

[mp3] audio demo by Ben Anderson (aka Benjamin Lee Anderson)

Soft PSG [windows, VST] by Starrfish Lab
INST, Free Download >>> Soft_PSG.zip
Soft PSGSoft PSG is an AY-3-8910 emulator (MSX). It can emulate the PSG soundchip of Sega Megadrive/Genesis and others soundchips : Intellivision, Atari ST, Vectrex and ZX Spectrum.

[mp3] audio demo by Taezo

Super Portable Sound Generator (SPSG) [windows, VST] by Aly James Lab
INST, Commercial
Super Portable Sound Generator (SPSG)SPSG is a closely modeled Sega Master System sound chip (SN76489) emulator, a Windows VST instrument with live control in mind. Many test on real hardware have made possible some unreleased extended features, SPSG unlock the full power of the PSG (also known as DCSG, was also the second Sega Megadrive sound chip).

[mp3] audio demo by Aly James Lab

VOPM [windows/mac, VST] by Sam
INST, Free Download >>> VOPM.zip
VOPMIt emulates the OPM (Yamaha YM2151) - FM synthesis emulator. Excellent for Sega Megadrive/Genesis soundchip emulation ! The ZIP archive contains Windows and Mac versions, banks, manuals in English, 9500 OPM files (presets) and tools.

[mp3] audio demo by Louis Gorenfeld

VST2413 [windows/mac, VST] by Keijiro Takahashi
INST, Free Download >>> VST2413.zip
VST2413A GUI-less FM synthesizer based on YM2413 (OPLL) sound chip emulator. The well known low-cost FM sound chip was used on Sega Master System, FM-PAC sound expansion cartridge for MSX, and as one of Famicom sound expansion chips (VRC7).

[mp3] audio demo by Keijiro

YM2612 VST [windows, VST] by Landon Podbielski
INST, Free Download >>> YM2612_VST.zip
YM2612 VSTThis is a VST that uses code which emulates the sound chip found inside of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive systems. It's the closest you can get to the real thing currently without actually circuit bending a Genesis. If you don't know/care what a Genesis is, this VST is basically a 4 operator FM synth.

[mp3] audio demo by the official website

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