Digital trackers

Digital trackers are trackers using samples and sometimes soundfonts, audio plugins (VST, AU or RTAS), MIDI...
Note : if you want to create chiptunes (8-bit sound) using no sample, go to Woolyss Chipmusic.

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DigiBooster Pro [amiga]
Commercial Download >>> DigiBooster_Pro.zip
DigiBooster ProDigiBooster Pro (DBPro) was a quite popular tracker for the Amiga in the 90s. Stuck at version 2 something, APC and TCP, a german publisher of Amiga software, is working to deliver an update to this powerful tracker. The archive contains Digibooster 1.7 full and free version (8 channel tracker with many options).
Import : DIGI, MOD, XM, S3M, OKT, MMD0, MMD1,... | Export : DIGI
MIDI support : no

Total : 1

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